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Succulent 'String of Pearls'

Succulent 'String of Pearls'

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The string of pearls is a trailing succulent native to South Africa. This plant has long, loose tendrils with pearl-shaped foliage which retains the plant's water.

• Indoors or outdoors, a string of Pearls plants needs six to eight hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day. This plant needs partial shade if you want to grow it outdoors.
Keep string of pearl succulents at 70° - 80° degrees Fahrenheit indoors. During winter, keep the plant cool - around 55° - 60° degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid drafty areas, air conditioners, and open windows as cold air can cause them to drop. In winter, pearl strings must be moved indoors because they are not frost-tolerant.
• String of Pearls do not need much humidity. Since it is native to dry areas, dry air wouldn't harm it. Plus, it enjoys almost any standard household humidity setting (about 40% relative humidity).
• Overwatering a string of pearls can damage them, so make sure you give them just enough water. Once every two weeks is recommended. To avoid overwatering, make sure the soil is half an inch (1.2cm) dry before you water. Reduce watering to once a month in winter. 

Toxic to pets if consumed

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus
Common Names: String of Pearls
Origin: South African native plant


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