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Succulent 'String of Hearts'

Succulent 'String of Hearts'

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A string of hearts is a trailing succulent native to South Africa. With long, loose tendrils and pearl-shaped foliage, this plant retains water well.

String of hearts prefers bright indirect light
Water regularly. Water once or twice a week in the spring and summer. During the fall and winter when the plant is dormant, water every two weeks. Make sure the soil is dried out in between watering. Overwatering can cause leaves to yellow and roots to rot. A string of hearts plant can survive in dry conditions since it stores water in its leaves, but if your plant's leaves look wilted and deflated, it needs water.
These plants thrive in temperatures of 60°F-80°F
• Let the string of hearts grow freely. If your string of hearts plant outgrows its pot, transplant it into a larger pot. Pick a potting mix that is well-draining, such as a cactus and succulent mix, or a houseplant mix containing perlite and coco coir. Repot your plants in the spring.
Pet Friendly

Botanical Name: Ceropegia woodii
Common Names: String of Hearts, sweetheart vine, rosary vine, chain of hearts, and collar of hearts
Origin: South African native plant


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