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Monstera Adansonii 'Swiss Cheese'

Monstera Adansonii 'Swiss Cheese'

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The Swiss Cheese plant gets its name from its large, heart-shaped leaves, which get covered with holes like swiss cheese as it ages. Monstera is part of the Araceae family, native to South and Central America. It's easy to grow and likes to climb.

 Does best in bright direct light, but is tolerant of bright to medium indirect light.
• Prefers temperatures no lower than 55°F; Warmer than that for it to actually grow. So this translates into avoiding cold places and keeping them away from any risk of frost.
• Water every 1–2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. In brighter light, you should water more often; in low light, you should water less often.
Toxic to pets if consumed

Botanical Name: Monstera adansonii
Common Names: Adanson's monstera, Swiss cheese vine, five holes plant
Origin: Native to South and Central America


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